The company “Binza ‘e su Re” was founded in February in the year 2015 and started out with about 9 hectares of vineyards.

The choice of the name, who’s direct translation from Sardinian is “The Kings Vineyard”, derives from the place where the family home is located, but it also pays ode to the “King” (Billia Cerchi) a winemaker, who was the first to bottle and produce Usini’s wines that are known around the world today. But also, the one to whom we owe our knowledge to in the viticultural and oenological field. “From him we learned a new job and we learnt to appreciate a world that until now we knew only for pleasure. “

Francesco Manca and Annalisa Cherchi, who is Billias Daughter, are the owners of the company whose main objective is to carry on the great legacy and history of the family, allowing it to be enriched with a new impulse of innovation and modernity.

The goal is to produce wine with a traditional identity, but also suitable for an increasingly global and competitive market that is ready to satisfy a modern and current audience.

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