The winery is the place where the fruits of the earth (the grapes grown in our vineyards), are welcomed and following the crushing and destemming process are transformed into precious grape juices.

The musts obtained, housed in stainless steel tanks of different capacities, following a slow and rigorous fermentation process, supported by a modern refrigeration system for the closely watched control of fermentation temperatures, can evolve and mature until high organoleptic qualities are achieved and wines with a strong identity character are obtained.

The entire production is carefully followed by Francesco Manca who wanted to combine the rigour of tradition with professional knowledge along the support of technology to guarantee the highest quality standards of Binza ‘e su Re wines.

Easily accessible from the town, which is about 2km away, the cellar is located inside the vineyard located in Località Tuvaoes.

Mosto-in-cantina-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca
La-Cantina-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca