The vineyards are located in a hilly area at an altitude of about 180/200 metres above sea level.

They are positioned in various places in the countryside of Usinia and take their name from the places in which they are located. 

Geographically located on the same ridge or ridge geologically constituted by alternating volcanic and sedimentary formations, they are medium textured soils, clayey-calcareous, of medium and low depth that thanks to the presence of skeleton and the slight slope in which they lie, guarantee a good percolation of the waters. There are no waterways. The nearest river is the Rio Mannu that flows about 1 kilametre away, in a south-westerly direction.


The vineyards, of different ages, are cultivated with the typical vines of the territory: Vermentino (43%), Cangulari (35%), Cannonau (7.6%). Only a small part is dedicated to the cultivation of international vines: Cabernet (4.3%), Merlot (3.7%).

Solo una piccola parte è dedicata alla coltivazione di vitigni internazionali : Cabernet (4,3%), Merlot (3,7%).

vigna-tuvaones-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca


In the Tuvaoes or Truvaoese vineyard, who’s meaning is “the vineyard ploughed by oxen”, the Vermentino wine is cultivated. The total area is 2.88 hectares, of which 1.51 hectares are home to a vineyard of 15 years and 1.36 hectares house a new plant born 2017.


The Cagnulari vine is cultivated in Calaresu.

vigna-calaresu-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca
pirapeglias-videocamere-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca


In the Pirapeglias vineyard there are Cagnulari and Cabernet vines.

MONTE Tùmbaru

Monte Tùmbaru vineyard, whos name refers to the wild herbs widespread in poor and stony soils, is dedicated to the Canonau vine it was explanted and replanted in 2001.

vigna-monte-tumbaru-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca