Wine culture in Usini has ancient traditions.

Even today, much of the country’s economy is based precisely on wine production. New technologies and the progressive abandonment of traditional methods, together with a modernisation of the cellars, have favoured the entry of the sector into a wider and competitive market and in recent years there has been a growth of local producers.

The main wine of the area is Cagnulari, and is considered the flagship product of local productions. It has become a real symbol of the territory, so much so that it commonly calls Usini as the “Country of Cagnulari”. Not surprisingly because it is from there that the revelation of this autochthonous vine started until a few years ago destines for extinction and today an evolving reality of Sardinian viticulture. Once again, the rediscovery and enhancement of the Cagnulari vine is due to Giovanni (Billia) Cherchi and his work in the vineyards.

foglia-cagnulari-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vitigni-autoctoni-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca
Foglia Cagnulari
grappolo-Cagnulari-vitigni-autoctoni-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca
Foglia Vermentino

Among the white grape varieties, Vermentino is one of the highest wine growing expressions of northern Sardinia that thanks to the favourable climatic conditions ( good temperature ranges) and the calcareous and clay substrate give the grapes and wines obtained, minerality, freshness, body and structure.

grappolo-vermentino-vitigni-autoctoni-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca

Usini is part of Nurra, an area where Cannonau has its ideal habitat, in addition of course to the typical area par excellence in the province of Nuoro.

foglia-cannonau-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca
Foglia Cannonau
cannonau-grappolo-Binzaesure-azienda-vinicola-vini-Sardegna-Usini-Francesco Manca